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    Photo: M.X. Mitchell, 2016, view of lagoon from the University of the Pacific campus, Long Island, Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

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    Photo: B. Takala Abraham, 2016, sharing research and swapping stories with community members from Enewetak Atoll courtesy of Elimoñdik: Enewetak-Enjebi Sustainability Leadership Organization, Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands.

    “Settling Environmental Claims: Time, Uncertainty,and State Formation in the Marshall Islands,” Workshop on Finance and Environment: New Approaches to Capital, University of Zurich, Zurich,
    Switzerland, May 2024.

    TBD, STS Workshop, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, April 2024.


    TBD, U. Toronto-Cornell U. STS Workshop, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Spring 2024.


    "Sea Changes: Non-Violent Direct Action and the Problem of US Atmospheric Nuclear Blasting, 1957-1960," American Society for Legal History, Philadelphia, PA, October 2023.


    TBD, Radioactive Landscapes Workshop, New York University, New York, NY September 2023.


    "Experimental Populations," Science & Liberalism Workshop, Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, April 2023.


    Organizer, Chair, & Reader, Authors-Meet-Readers, Legal Histories of British Empire, American Society for Legal History, Chicago, IL, November 2022.


    Discussant, "Writing Transnational History of Science & Technology," History of Science Society, Chicago, IL, November 2022.


    “Nuclear Weapons and the Unsettling of Sovereignty in the Marshall Islands, 1944-1963,” Annual Lecture, The Pacific Circle, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, January 2022 (online due to COVID-19).


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    Photo: 2016, meeting Her Excellency President Hilda Heine at the Tide Table, Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands.